Source of Business

Tracking where your business is coming from allows you to spend your advertising and marketing money in the most efficient manner. How are you getting your business?

Word of mouth has always been a great way to generate new business but in the 21st Century, our world is increasingly dominated by technology, which means our source of business also changes.

Twenty years ago, most businesses didn’t have a web page. Ten years ago, most small to medium sized businesses didn’t have a social media presence – now we wouldn’t think about conducting business without them! Even the way we communicate with our customers has changed, instead of “snail mail”, we email customers their quotes and invoices and with the help of Job Commander those same quotes are created in minutes, instead of hours. Contacting our customers by SMS to notify them what time their product will be delivered, with the delivery docket codes, are levels of technology we couldn’t have imagined back when we first developed Job Commander. Just like our changing environment, Job Commander is constantly evolving to give our customers the most accurate view of their business.

Once you start implementing your Source of Business into your database, Job Commander allows you to create a Source of Business Report.

Recommended Source of Business

  •  YP = Yellow Pages
  •  REF = Customer Referral
  •  WWW = Website
  •  MARK = Marketing
  •  MAIL = Mail outs
  •  EMAIL = Email
  • SMS = SMS
  • FB = Facebook
  •  CC = Customer Communications (Job Commanders mail merge)

These are only suggestions and can easily be modified to accommodate for your business needs. By monitoring changing trends, you can direct your advertising money in the most profitable & effective direction.

Quoting, costing, and business analysis at your fingertips – give your business the edge it needs to grow with Job Commander.